Wings Over the World

Our recent wingsuit adventure in Antarctica (and others). Spectacular visuals flying over Mt Rossman and Union Glacier. It’s also an inspiring lifestyle piece focused on achieving at any age.

Glenn & Heather Keynote Speaking Preview

This short video gives you an insight into Glenn and Heather’s presentation style, imagery and themes.

Glenn & Heather presenting for Wright Medical in Switzerland

A short, inspiring video from Glenn and Heather presenting for Wright Medical at the International Sales Conference in Switzerland.

Glenn Singleman and Heather Swan Media Reel

A fun look at some of our media spots on 60 Minutes and more


The original BASEClimb documentary tells the story of two adventurers - Glenn Singleman and Nic Feteris who team up to try something everyone said was impossible.

Glenn was a mountaineer, film-maker and expedition doctor. Nic was a BASEjumper. Glenn taught Nic to climb, Nic taught Glenn to BASEjump so together they could climb and jump the 'highest cliff in the world', The Great Trango Tower in Pakistan.

Shot on 16mm film, winner of 21 International Awards.

53 minutes long.

Flying the Grand Canyon

In 2015 Glenn, Heather and their team made the first (and only) wingsuit flight across the Grand Canyon, traveling over 12 kilometres from rim to rim. This is our fun edit to music.

Grand Canyoning by 60 Minutes (Part One)

The Grand Canyon by Wingsuit project took more than a year to organise. When the team finally attempted the crossing in April 2015, 60 Minutes came along for the ride.


Grand Canyoning by 60 Minutes (Part Two)

Part Two of 60 Minutes report on The Grand Canyon by Wingsuit project. Includes the actual jump and dramatic landing.

Wingsuit Lake Eyre - Kati Thanda

Beautiful footage of our team flying over Lake Eyre at Sunset.

Wingsuit William Creek

The Baseclimb Wingsuit Project over Outback Australia. This flight was into the remote town of William Creek. No one has arrived at the Pub like this before!


In April 2016 the BASEClimb WIngsuit Team made the first wingsuit crossing over Lake Eyre in outback Australia.

Outback Wingsuit - Wilpena Pound

World Recording Breaking Wingsuit BASEjump from Mt Meru

Our epic trip to climb and wingsuit basejump Mt Meru in the Garwhal Himalaya of India. Six years of work, three weeks of climbing condensed into three minutes (or so).

Lake Eyre Goes to Canada

Discovery Canada loves Lake Eyre by Wingsuit

First Wingsuit Flight over Brisbane

In January 2015, Glenn, Heather, Roger Hugelshofer and Paul Tozer made the first wingsuit crossing of Brisbane city.

This is our edit of the flight.

High Drama in the Outback

2008 Furthest Flight Expedition did not go as planned!

Dr Glenn Singleman - the Search for Freedom

Glenn speaking about the importance of adventure as part of the Feature Documentary - The Search for Freedom.