An Adventure Tradition

We are adventurers. A husband and wife team - we've been exploring the boundaries of 'what's possible?' in our adventures and our life together for 20 years. 

BASEClimb has a long adventure tradition that began with the first successful high altitude BASEjump and World Record back in 1992 from 6000 metres on the Great Trango Tower in Pakistan. 

We've done a lot since then, including most recently the first wingsuit flight across  the Grand Canyon. 

We started sharing what we've learned in 2000 (although Glenn has been speaking professionally since 1992) via Keynote Speaking presentations, workshops, and our books and documentaries.

Our focus is on understanding and moving beyond irrational, pervasive fear, because we believe fear is the main barrier to health, happiness and fulfillment.

Dr. Glenn Singleman & Heather Swan