Chatting with Wendy Smith for SkyDiveMag

Wendy Smith & Patrick de Gayardon, skysurfing together – this has never been repeated  — Image by Patrick Passe

It was a privilege to write this article on Wendy. When I was learning to skydive I had a picture of her on the wall of my office. She was wingsuiting over Lake Taupo in New Zealand. The image was so beautiful, it embodied everything that appealed to me about skydiving - freedom, bravery, fearlessness. I never thought I'd be able to do it, but a few years later I flew my wingsuit across the same lake. Inspiration and role models are so important!

Wendy is a genuine skydiving legend. An innovator, inspiration and trail blazer in aerial cinematography. This pic of her sky surfing with Patrick de Gayardon - amazing! 

We hope to be working with (& learning from) Wendy during our Wingsuit NE Everest project.