Fit to Fly (& Faster at 50)

Here's how we do it.

Get a Fitness Buddy (your life partner is a great choice)

Glenn and I have been training together for more than 20 years. Exercising together has a lot of benefits. We motivate and encourage one another, we spend time together, and it makes it fun (most of the time). If you don't have a partner right now, a best friend or a dog is great. Our dogs are wonderful running buddies, always eager to go, they always have fun, and they remind me how to be present. Groups like 'Wild Women on Top' are also excellent.

Set a Shared Goal

Ours was climbing and jumping off the highest cliff in the world. That sure got me out of bed and running for my life. The goal doesn't have to be that extreme though - a fun run, a challenging trekking holiday, a multi-sport event or an organised bike ride (one we love is the Spring Cycle in Sydney).  While initially it was our adventure goals that drove me, now exercise is its own reward. Days that don't begin with movement are never as bright as those that do.

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When You're Not Brave, 'Rad' or even Outgoing - go out anyway...

This time last year I was afraid, make that very afraid.

We were two days away from attempting the first wingsuit crossing of The Grand Canyon from rim to rim. We were exiting the jump plane at close to 30,000ft, the temperature was -50 Celsius, we were breathing supplemental oxygen, we were flying high performance pressurised wingsuits and we needed to fly over 10kms to cross the canyon safely. Then, to me at least, the landing area was the equivalent of a handkerchief dropped in a wilderness of trees and cactus. Not somewhere to land a skydiving canopy.

There was a lot to be afraid of, and I am not brave.  I am not of the 'yahoo let's go', brimming with optimism bias that is more common among skydivers and adventurers.

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