Dr. Glenn Singleman & Heather Swan

World Record Holding Professional Adventurers & Professional Presenters specialising in Inspiration.

We are a husband and wife team, World Record Holding Professional Adventurers and Professional Inspirational keynote speakers specialising in 'Fearlessness'. This doesn't mean we have no fear, far from it. Fear is essential, it's a protective mechanism and without it none of us would last long but the outmoded fear system humans share with all other animals is ill-equipped to deal with modern life and more often than not it stands between us and our true potential.

A "Fearless LIfe' is an attitude built on commitment and powered by understanding, embracing, and using fear to be who we want to be and live the life we want to live.

This is what we teach in our Keynote Speaking Presentations, Workshops, Trips and Treks and coming soon our new book 'A Fearless Life'.

We teach from Glenn's background as a Physician specialising in remote medicine, our long history in extreme sport, in life and love, and since men and women experience fear differently, from a male and female perspective.

Delivering a joint keynote at The Event for AIPP.

Delivering a joint keynote at The Event for AIPP.

How we come to be where we are

Dr. Glenn Singleman is one of Australia's most successful adventurers. Over his long career in extreme sport he's notched up World Records, World Firsts, many prestigious awards and most importantly a deep understanding of fear, and how to use it to progress, rather than hamper our goals.

I met Glenn at one of his inspirational keynote presentations nearly 20 years ago. Glenn was so INCREDIBLE and INSPIRING -  I married him (a few years later), and he turned my life upside down (in a good way). I was not adventurous, I was a corporate executive, yet today by following a process to overcome irrational fear and to build physical and emotional strength, we are a team, not only in life, but in business and adventure.

Our wingsuit BASEjump from Mt Meru (6672m) in India broke Glenn's existing World Record set from the Great Trango Tower in 1992.

Our wingsuit BASEjump from Mt Meru (6672m) in India broke Glenn's existing World Record set from the Great Trango Tower in 1992.

So far our partnership has produced three world records and two Australian records in extreme sport, including the official record for the worlds highest BASEjump in a wingsuit from 6604m on Mt Meru in the Indian Himalaya (the BASEClimb 3 project) and the FIRST (and only) wingsuit crossing of the Grand Canyon (April 9th 2015).

In addition to being a professional adventurer, Glenn is a multi-award winning documentary filmmaker and a practicing medical doctor with a special interest in the physiology and psychology of fear and Expedition Medicine (he is currently the Medical Director of The Big Red Run and The North Face 100). He has been a professional expeditioner for over 30 years. He's been part of bold expeditions on every continent - to the highest mountains and the depths of the oceans. He is AMAZING!

When we're not adventuring or speaking I am a freelance writer and photographer. You can read my most recent inspirational piece on legendary skydiver Wendy Smith in SkyDivingMag and amazing 60 Minutes reporter Liz Hayes in Renegade Collective Magazine. Or check out my photography studio - a1000words.com.au.

We are fortunate to speak all over the world to all kinds of audiences - sharing our story along with our hard won insights into FEAR, PERFORMANCE, PARTNERSHIP, HAPPINESS & HEALTH. We've spoken to tens-of-thousands of people, at corporate, community and government events so we must be doing something right!  If you'd like more information about our speaking presentations or to check our availability email heather@baseclimb.com

We've had fun making our own documentaries - BASEClimb 1 (Glenn), 2 & 3, and working with 60 Minutes (three times) and Australian Story (twice) and working with Jon Long on his new feature documentary 'The Search for Freedom'. Through these films we've been able to share something of our adventures with hundreds of millions of people around the world.  Glenn is also part of James Cameron's documentary team. Most recently he worked with him on 'Deep Sea Challenger' - Jim's most ambitious and personal project to build and pilot a submarine to the deepest part of the ocean - The Marianas Trench.

We live just outside Sydney on our little farm. We run everyday, eat healthy vegan, meditate and push ourselves both intellectually and physically. 

We hope to see you at one of our INSPIRATIONAL speaking presentations soon and of course you can make that happen by BOOKING US for your next event. It's easy - just contact us or your favourite Speaker's Bureaus.