How High Can We Go? How Far Can We Fly - Together?

We have been adventuring together for almost 20 years. Our pursuit of new goals and bold challenges against the backdrop of awe inspiring wilderness powers everything we do and ultimately advances our understanding of fear, our performance process, ourselves and our relationship.

A New Dream: Flying the North East Ridge of Mt Everest

Our next brig dream - flying our wingsuits down the North East Ridge of Mt Everest. Permission and logistics are once again, our biggest challenge.

Who wouldn't want to have this view? Our next big dream is to fly the famed North East Ridge of Mt Everest in our wing suits. We've begun the planning and permit process but it's going to be expensive! Just the permit price will eclipse the total cost of all our other adventures combined!

Where there is a will... 

Mission Accomplished: Flying Lake Eyre & Wilpena Pound Outback Australia

Our team made the first wingsuit flight over beautiful Lake Eyre in Outback Australia in April 2016. We also flew across Wilpena Pound, an iconic landmark in the Flinders Rangers of South Australia. You can read about it in our Blog or watch the current affairs report here

Mission Accomplished: Flying the Grand Canyon

Our team made the first successful  wingsuit crossing of the Grand Canyon in April 2015. You can read the full account on our BLOG page, watch the 60 Minutes story on our VIDEOS page or see our edit of the footage here.

Mission Accomplished: Flying Brisbane 

Glenn, Heather and Roger Hugelshofer flying across Brisbane city.  Photo: Paul Tozer

In January 2015 we made the first (& only) wingsuit crossing of Brisbane city and The Gabba. This high pressure, only one chance to get it right (and a lot of ways to get it very wrong) flight was a warm-up for the Grand Canyon later that year. The flight was executed flawlessly.

Mission Accomplished: Climb & Fly Mt Meru (6772m)

BASEClimb began in 1991 when doctor and mountaineer; Glenn Singleman teamed up with BASEjumper, Nic Feteris to climb and BASEjump the highest cliff in the world.

The pair successfully climbed and BASEjumped the Great Trango Tower in Pakistan and Glenn wrote, directed and produced the ground-breaking documentary ‘BASEClimb’, which went on to win 24 International Awards, becoming one of the most successful adventure documentaries of all time. It was a pioneering story and footage of their BASEjump (which did not go exactly to plan) was deemed the most amazing every captured of the new sport. BASEClimb has been seen by over 700 million people world wide.

Baseclimb continued with Glenn and Heather's expedition to Pakistan (two) and Mt Meru in the Garwhal Himalaya of India, where they succeeded in breaking the first Baseclimb world record with a wingsuit flight from 6604 metres. You can read the full story in Heather's award winning book - No Ceiling (available in our shop) or watch the No Ceiling documentary (also available in our shop).

Baseclimb 1 - the first successful high altitude BASEjump from 6000 metres on the Great Trango Tower in Pakistan

Mission Accomplished: Flying Sydney

The first and only wingsuit flight across Sydney Harbour, landing at Barrangaroo.

Unfinished Business: Furthest Flight (Together)

One of Glenn's long held dreams is to launch a wingsuit from an altitude of 39,000 ft or 12,000 metres, catch a ride on the 220km per hour Jet Stream current and fly as far as possible together (hopefully around 30kms) before opening a canopy and floating safely back to earth.

Glenn, Heather and their team made their first attempt at achieving this in June 2008. As often happens with highly ambitious projects like this, things didn’t go as planned and they achieved only three of the four benchmarks they’d set.  Glenn’s spectacular exit from the balloon at 36,800ft was a ratings winner for 60 Minutes.

Glenn and Heather are planning another attempt at this project - only higher (in Austalia's largest balloon envelope) and further (in the latest generation high performance wingsuiits) and uniquely - Together in a high performance formation. The project will raise funds for The McGrath Foundation. More on this soon.

Glenn and Heather flying over the Australian outback. Photo: Greg Cox

Deep Sea Challenger (and other adventures with James Cameron)

Glenn has been a member of James Cameron’s expedition team (as Doctor and Cameraman) on a number of the acclaimed Hollywood Director’s projects including his most recent (and personal) – Deep Sea Challenger. James Cameron successfully piloted a Sydney built submarine to the deepest part of the ocean – the Marianas Trench. The documentary is now available on iTunes and DVD.