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'No Ceiling: the BASEClimb 3 Story' on DVD

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Defying Gravity Defying Fear

No Ceiling - Heather's new book is OUT NOW!

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Foreword to No Ceiling by Dr. Glenn Singleman M.B.,B.S. Dip.Comm "Why would you jump out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft?" and "Why would you jump off a perfectly good cliff?" If I had a dollar for every time I have been asked these questions I would be a rich man. Over the years I have waxed lyrical on the virtues of overcoming fear, the science of the emotional brain, the advantages of physical and mental fitness and the self confident joy inspired by achieving the impossible. But from now on, thanks to my beautiful wife Heather, I will only have to respond to these questions with one simple answer Read 'No Ceiling' and you will understand.

This book is the result of a 6-year journey of physical, mental and emotional extremes. Over those long years, Heather transformed herself from a 'safe' corporate mum into a world-class extreme sport athlete capable of challenging an iconic world record. As well as changing her body-habitus (from 36% fat to 15% fat), she changed her attitude to life, her attitude to love, her attitude to family and her attitude to the 'glass ceiling' that is supposed to prevent women from achieving their full potential. She endured setbacks, tragedy, humiliation and pain to ultimately triumph in the most macho of male dominated sports: rockclimbing, mountaineering, skydiving and BASEjumping. Throughout the most gruelling of extreme boot camps she never lost touch with her femininity, her emotional balance and her radiant beauty. The world record she ultimately achieved shattered conventional wisdom and prejudice about the 'role' and 'limits' of women (and men!).

'No Ceiling' is not a book about extreme sport. It is a classic human 'vision quest' drama set in a world that is foreign to most people; a world of eccentrics, misfits, athletes, scientists, visionaries and breathtaking landscapes. At times Heather's journey might seem outrageous but the woman taking it is intelligent, funny, vibrant and insightful. Her words speak with a clarity and passion that transport the reader into foreign panoramas and subcultures with sympathy and understanding.

I could be accused of bias since I accompanied Heather on much of the journey but the evocative writing inspired me beyond the amazing facts of the story. I couldn't stop turning the pages even though I knew what happened next. I'm proud that we can add the descriptor 'author' to Heather's impressive list of talents: world record holding extreme sportswoman, mother, wife, vegetarian chef, journalist, marketing manager and professional speaker. She is truly a woman with "No Ceiling".

Early Praise for No Ceiling

"I'm almost finished your book and just loving it! I can't believe you can do all that AND write as well! Congratulations on an inspiring, educational and very female story which will inspire all women!"
Di Westaway, Managing Director,

"Hi Heather, I've just finished reading 'No Ceiling' and wanted to congratulate on what is a fantastic work. It gives such a vivid insight into your adventures and achievements. You struck a great balance between not only describing what you were doing and where you were, but also how it felt and how you overcame the many challenges you faced. Congratulations to you and Glenn and the team on what is a truly remarkable achievement. And thank you for conveying that experience so effectively in your book. Having read your story, I now honestly feel that it may just be the start of much bigger adventures for me too! All the best for the future, I look forward to hearing many more tales of you incredible adventures. I hope your book and everything you and Glenn do gets the recognition it deserves."
-Daniel McFarland

"I took your book home to read and it was GREAT! What an inspiration and written so honestly."
-Jo Josephsen, Owner, ClimbFit

"Hi Heather, I finished No Ceiling...absolutely loved it..great stuff."
-Simon Laxton,

"Hi Heather, I've really been enjoying your book - I find it outrageously inspiring! To think you kept going after that nasty bungee injury - amazing."
-Melanie Tait, Evenings Presenter, ABC Darwin

"Hi Heather, we have had an overwhelming response to 'No Ceiling' and are hoping it would possible to order a further 40 signed books."
-Mandy Eddy, The Proteus Leadership Centres

Baseclimb 1 and 2 DVD

Baseclimb 1 & 2 on DVD

ON SALE! AUD $25.00 AUD plus postage ($5.00 in Australia. $15.00 international) Please note: DVD is PAL Region 4 so International customers need a multi-region player to view it.


Voted in Top 20 Adventure Films

In 1992 Glenn Singleman and Nic Feteris set the world record for Altitude BASEjumping with their leap fro the 6258 metre high Great Trango Tower in Pakistan. Nic is a BASEjumper, Glenn is a climber, but both are novices at the other's sport. This is a spectacular first hand view of the preparation, dedication and sheer courage it took to do it. Featuring forrtae of Glenn and Nic's year long training program and the most awe-inspiring BASEjump ever filmed. BASEClimb was recently voted one of the top 20 Adventure Documentaries of all time by US Men's Journal.

Baseclimb 2

After conquering The Great Trango Tower Glenn Singleman firmly believed that it was possible for anybody to do what he did. They simply needed commitment, determination and the ability to control their fears in the face of enormous stress. Only one person every took him up on it - his wife Heather. She had no background in adventure and suffered a near fatal accident 2 weeks into her training. Her recovery and subsequent journey to learn the necessary skills to make the world record attempt is a wonderful story - an adventure, a love story and an unlifting drama with a cliff hanger finale.

Defying Gravity Defying Fear

Defying Gravity Defying Fear

The Award Winning Book!

AUD $25.00 plus postage ($5.00 in Australia. $15.00 International) - Currently out of stock!

A finalist at the Banff Adventure Travel and Book Festival, Heather Swan's account of her two year journey from 'corporate couch potato' to BASEjumper, mountaineer and expeditioner is a riveting and inspiring read. The book is a detailed account of what it takes to transform a life so totally, it's also a great travel read, a unique adventure and a thoroughly inspirational insight into the strength within us all.

You can request a signed copy of Heather's book - simply detail what you would like in the comments section of the PayPal checkout page.

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