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"Who Conquers others is strong, who conquers himself is mighty." Lao Tse

Heather presenting for Business Chicks, Sydney.

Glenn on Stage in Montreux, Switzerland for Wright Medical - Glenn and Heather delivered a joint keynote and 3 peak performance workshops over two days.

Glenn on Stage in Montreux, Switzerland for Wright Medical - Glenn and Heather delivered a joint keynote and 3 peak performance workshops over two days.

Lao Tse’s insight is the basis of Glenn & Heather's keynote speaking and training presentations. How do we conquer our inherent weaknesses to reach new levels of health, happiness and success?

Speaking together or individually Glenn and Heather use stories from their incredible adventures to educate, inspire and entertain, all the while expertly blending strategies for self mastery and their ‘Peak Performance’ methodology to advance personal performance, health and happiness.

Styles of presentation range from 45 – 60 minute keynote addresses to multi-day workshops.

Glenn and Heather have been speaking together professionally since 2001. Before that Heather managed a high profile Australian business and Glenn was one of her favourite speakers (they met at one of his presentations in 1995). Glenn was first invited to speak about his adventures and the parallels for business in 1989 after a successful expedition to Antarctica. He has continued to receive invitations to join expeditions from around the world (and share the experiences via his speaking presentations) ever since. 

Major themes of Keynote and Training presentations are:

  • Personal Mastery

  • Fear (understanding it, understanding its role in limiting performance, health and happiness and tools for overcoming it). 
    Fear is a sneaky adversary. It can sound so reasonable - that little voice that says, "I can't", "I don't want to", it's too risky, you might get hurt, you might embarrass yourself, you might fail." But we know that little voice is lying. You can do it. You can push the boundaries safely. You can achieve big dreams.

  • Our Two Minds - and how they often conflict to obstruct us reaching our goals, achieving our full potential for health, happiness and success.

  • The Power of Personal Commitment and Responsibility.

  • Physical and Mental Fitness.

  • Coping with Adversity and Successfully Managing Change.


Glenn and Heather’s presentations are enhanced by jaw-dropping video clips and stunning photography from their adventures. The old saying a picture paints a thousand words only partly explains the profound impact their multi-media has. Because much of it is unique and beautifully captured it sticks. People remember the imagery, and the inspiration long after the conference is over.

As people, Glenn and Heather are easy to relate to, easy to work with, professional and adaptable. They have worked with hundreds of the world’s best known companies, as well as professional associations, community groups and charities. They get the same positive response from all.


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" Hey Heather and Glenn! You guys stole the show. The feedback was outstanding. I'm so impressed with not only the stage presence you both have and also your ability to relate and connect. The icing was the content and the expertise your shared." Kerwin Rae, K2 Elite Mastermind

 "Glenn and Heather you should know that the feedback from the group was amazing…they loved the sessions you did and it certainly presented a new dimension their thinking which I knew you could do." Peter Cooke, President, International Wright Medical Group

“Many thanks for coming to Hastings and attending our conference. I trust you enjoyed your visit and it was great to have you with us. Glenn and Heather you presented what I would term the ultimate in fearlessness and certainly instilled in us to forget that often used saying ˜I can’t’. I think everyone will remember the we had with you on that Sunday morning for a long, long time and all the much better for it”.
Alan Wattan. Chair Ingenium New Zealand.


“Glenn Singleman is perhaps the ultimate quiet achiever. Either that or he is a chameleon. How else can you explain the surprise in store when having read his bio relating seemingly foolhardy deeds, you finally get to meet the man and are confronted with your average day to day conservatively dressed, quietly spoken business man. And that in essence, is the key to Glenn as a professional speaker…. normality. It’s just that he has this penchant for jumping off things…very high things. Glenn is that rare breed of speaker to whom an audience can easily relate. While his achievements are beyond reality for most people, the person is not. Having used Glenn in a motivational speaking capacity for a number of varied clients, I can attest to the fact that he is able to reach audiences on all levels, ever reinforcing the need for planning, preparation and risk management. The message is always clear and absorbable but more importantly, accessible.


Glenn isn’t ‘out there’ like so many others, he is simply a man determined to challenge both himself and his environment and to give his audience a wonderful insight into the capabilities that lie within us all.”
Neil Campbell, Event Producer, The Event Centre Professional Conference Organisers Australia


“It gave me so much pleasure to look around our audience last Friday and watch their faces as your story unfolded. You had them mesmerised. I’ve since received countless emails from people saying how much they enjoyed your presentation and many of our regular Business Chicks even went so far as to say that you’re the best speaker they’ve ever heard. I’m so grateful that you were able to inject inspiration and motivation into our chicks. I’m not sure you quite understand the impact your message has Heather“ you elevate all of whom you meet, and challenge them to rise above what they feel they’re capable of. Me included!!! After seeing your ‘To-Do List’ (mines pales in comparison) I’m committed to taking on more and pushing myself. It’s fun being fearless! Thanks again to you and Glenn.”
Emma Brown. The Chief Chick. Business Chicks.


“Glenn and Heather were inspirational. They linked their experiences to the topic of our conference and had the audience spellbound. Heather’s experiences and her commitment to achieve her goal of BASEjumping with Glenn, despite many setbacks highlighted the need to take responsibility, and to put strategies in place that minimise risk while preparing mentally and physically to achieve a vision. I don’t think we can top their presentation, their charm or their willingness to give time to the many people who wanted to speak with them. These brief comments don’t do justice to Glenn and Heather and their amazing life”.
June Dous, Thales Australia.
“In staging a successful event, you have to find a “WOW” segment. You certainly provided that element and more! No matter what personal fears we all have, … you showed that there is really no limit to what one can achieve if one sets one’s mind to it. … Glenn, we all climb our different mountains every day of our lives. You’ve shown us how we can harness the fear and turn it into positive thrust. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”.
Tom Carroll, Chief Manager Sales Commonwealth Bank, Australia

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