World Recording Breaking Wingsuit BASEjump from Mt Meru

Our epic trip to climb and wingsuit basejump Mt Meru in the Garwhal Himalaya of India. Six years of work, three weeks of climbing condensed into three minutes (or so).

Wingsuits over William Creek

The Baseclimb Wingsuit Project over Outback Australia. This flight was into the remote town of William Creek. No one has landed at the Pub like this before!

Wingsuit Lake Eyre - Kati Thanda

Outback Wingsuit - Wilpena Pound


In April 2016 the BASEClimb WIngsuit Team made the first wingsuit crossing over Lake Eyre in outback Australia.

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The Grand Canyon by Wingsuit

Our flight over the Grand Canyon - a world first.

Grand Canyoning with 60 Minutes (part 1)

Grand Canyoning with 60 Minutes (part 2)

First Wingsuit Flight over Brisbane